Baum Grove

is now



Neighborhood and Environment Committee

The Neighborhood and Environment Committee is hard at work maintaining and making improvements to our neighborhood park and playpark. The Committee is in the process of planning upgrades to the equipment and surface of the Playpark at Montessori School, and working to upgrade the lights and further beautify the landscape at Baum Grove.


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Want to join in?

  • Adopt a garden bed at Baum Grove

  • Volunteer to help keep our streets litter-free

  • Join the Neighborhood and Environment Committee

  • Donate to the Pittsburgh Foundation to help support Baum Grove and Playpark improvements


The N/E committee meets on the third Wednesday of every month, at 7 pm at Baum Grove or a committee member's home. Please email for details.

Interested in using Baum Grove for your next event? Please contact to reserve the park space and for more details!

The 2019 co-chairs of the NE Committee are Danielle Novick and Rod Cunningham. To contact the committee chairs, please email