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Friendship Community Group
Board of Directors

Steve Morrow


Steve Morrow was born and spent his early years in Lima, Peru, grew up in suburban Denver, attended Amherst College, and finally settled in the South Side of Pittsburgh in 1999 for a fellowship at CORO. He made the jump across the river to Friendship in 2003, and he and his wife, Jennifer Haven, have owned their home in the 200 block of S. Pacific Avenue since 2004. Since purchasing their home, they have gutted all three floors, undergone five bathroom remodels, removed or replaced every wall in the house except one (which his wife has her eye on), and removed and built two new staircases. They’re in too deep now to move, so they plan to be Friendshippers for the long haul. 

Steve is a co-founder of Forest Devices, a Pittsburgh-based medical device start-up, and currently serves as its Chief Financial Officer. He spends most days bouncing amongst spreadsheets, herding investors through complex stock purchases, and fundraising. He received his MBA at the Wharton School (which forced them to rent out their house for 2 years), and his past positions at Ariba (Freemarkets), Boston Consulting Group, and Mylan provided him with a great deal of global experience in operations, strategy, and management.

As he continues to assess his career, Steve finds himself most fulfilled by helping new businesses and nonprofits flourish. He serves as a mentor for another Pittsburgh-based start-up called D Sole and also served as a board member at Quantum Theatre and a paint-mixing volunteer for the Friendship Park Asphalt Art Project. Steve is most proud of his work at Shady Lane School, where he served as Treasurer and Chair of the Board and helped engineer a financial turnaround from a crisis that threatened its very existence. Additionally, Steve is a strong advocate for inclusivity and diversity. He firmly believes that every voice should be heard and that the needs and concerns of all community members should be addressed, and he is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered. 

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