Zoning and Development Committee

The Zoning and Development Committee of the Friendship Community Group engages developers, landlords and public officials who affect the urban planning process to ensure equitable quality of life for all residents in Friendship, our home. 




  • Engage developers during the early stages through agreements that address the community’s concerns and needs. 

  • Monitor developments during planning through construction phases to ensure compliance with agreements. 

  • Support neighbors impacted by development particularly where business borders on residential areas. 

  • Foster landlord accountability and promote responsible building maintenance. 

  • Work with City agencies on identifying and enforcing existing land use and property-related ordinances. 

  • Invite City departments and agencies to speak at ZDC meetings to promote awareness and understanding of land use regulations.  

  • Develop an understanding of neighborhood zoning designations and City enforcement practices to develop approaches to effectively ensure compliance occurs. 

  • Investigate partnerships with other non-profit organizations to preserve existing affordable housing where feasible. 

  • Support and participate in comprehensive planning that affects Friendship and preserves the neighborhood’s historic character.


Out of Committee scope – traffic safety, parking enforcement, Baum Grove issues and public safety / police concerns


Public Zoning and Development Committee meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of the odd months (Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sept/Nov) at 6:30 pm at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, 5472 Penn Avenue. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings are frequently held over Zoom. Please contact zdc.chairs@friendship-pgh.org to confirm where the next meeting will be held.


Meeting minutes are available at https://www.friendship-pgh.org/zdc-minutes.

May 2022 Zoning and Development Meeting

 Tuesday, May 3, 2022, at 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm  at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, 5472 Penn Ave.

Join the Zoning and Development Committee of the Friendship Community Group as we welcome Tim Raufer, Director of Construction Services at Open Hand Ministries, as this month’s speaker for the first portion of our every-other-month public committee meeting.

Tim Raufer has been with OHM full time since 2016 and is responsible for managing OHM’s construction and remodeling activities, ensuring that OHM delivers durable and elegant homes. Tim is in love with the lesson at the heart of OHM’s work: what gets built is secondary to the Community for whom and by whom the work is accomplished, and the spirit in which it is undertaken.

Open Hand Ministries: Promotes social justice and empowers black Pittsburgh families to build multi-generational wealth through financial management skills and navigating the path to homeownership. OHM facilitates affordable home ownership through real estate acquisition and rehabilitation to superior energy and quality standards.

The second portion of the meeting will be regular business including discussions of developments in Friendship.


Need Help?


If you need help with a housing or development issue in Friendship or have concerns about a development in the neighborhood, contact the ZDC chairs by email at ZDC.Chairs@friendship-pgh.org.


Committee Chairs 

The 2022 chairs for the Zoning and Development Committee are Emily George and Tom Youngs. To contact the committee chairs, please email zdc.chairs@friendship-pgh.org.

May 7th:   Friendship Flower and Folk Festival