Who to contact if….?


I’d like to be added to the Friendship email list to get updates on events and other community news.


Please email subscribe@friendship-pgh.org.



I’d like to rent Baum Grove for a party or community event.


Please email baumgrove@gmail.com with your requested date, time period, the type of event you plan to host, and any equipment you plan to temporarily install (tents, etc.).



I have a non-emergency issue regarding city property such as streets, sidewalks, trees, etc.


The Pittsburgh 311 Response Center: CLICK HERE



I’d like to promote or volunteer for an event happening in or near Friendship.


The FCG Communications and Community Building Committee: ccb@friendship-pgh.org



I have a question or concern related to development and/or zoning in Friendship.


The Zoning and Development Committee: zdc@friendship-pgh.org



I’d like to help clean up Baum Grove and/or the Montessori Play Park.


The FCG Neighborhood and Environment Committee: ne@friendship-pgh.org



I’d like to volunteer at the Friendship Flower & Folk Festival.


Please contact Jayne Bower, chair of the F4 committee, at runnerjayne@gmail.com.



I’d like my house to be featured on the Friendship House Tour.


Please contact Sara DeLucia, chair of the House Tour Committee, at delucia.sara@gmail.com.



I’m not an FCG board member, but I’d like to lend my expertise in the areas of finance or human resources. Or, perhaps I’d like to be considered as a candidate for the Board.  In addition to the committees previously mentioned, the FCG also maintains finance, audit, and board nomination committees.


Please contact fcgec@friendship-pgh.org.



I’d like to sign up for weekly crime reports for our area.  


Pittsburgh Police Zone 5 Community Email Blast Sign-Up. CLICK HERE



I'd like to contact my local councilperson.


Friendship is covered by two district representatives. To find out which district you're in and how to contact the person who represents you, please follow the links below.


Info on Deb Gross and District 7 map:



Info on RIcky Burgess and District 9 map:



I’d like to connect with the Community Resource Officer for Pittsburgh Police who represents Friednship.

​The CRO for Zone 5 is Master Patrol Officer Michael Gay. He can be reached at michael.gay@pittsburghpa.gov or 412-665-3605.

I’d like to connect with Friendship on social media.


Please check out the Friendship Community Group on Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor.

FCG Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is comprised of the four board members who hold officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. As a committee, they are responsible for developing and supporting the human resources necessary for the internal governance of the FCG and our external representation of the neighborhood.


Individual responsibilities of each office are as follows:


President: Sara DeLucia

The President supervises and controls the affairs of the FCG and is an ex-officio member of all committees. The president normally conducts all FCG meetings.


Vice President: Jayne Bower

The Vice President performs all duties and exercises all powers of the President when the President is absent or is otherwise unable to act.


Secretary: Tom Hritz

The Secretary keeps minutes of all meetings of the Board and of general membership, is the custodian of corporate records, and gives all notices as required by law or by the FCG bylaws. The Secretary also keeps a mailing address and/or Post Office box for the FCG and maintains a current list of resident, associate, and business members. The Secretary is also responsible for submitting the annual corporation report to the State.


Treasurer: Tom Youngs

The Treasurer has charge and custody of all funds and deposits the funds as required by the Board. The Treasurer also keeps and maintains adequate and correct accounts of the FCG’s properties and business transactions and renders reports and accounting to the Directors as required by law or by the Board. In addition, the Treasurer is responsible for providing financial reports to the Board at each meeting and upon request as well as ensuring that the IRS tax reporting requirements are met.