Pollinator Powerpack Firecracker (#1)

Pollinator Powerpack Firecracker (#1)


Plant 1: Liatris ‘Kobold’

  • Liatris, also known as Blazing Star, are excellent compact plants for perennial borders and cutting gardens. No staking is needed.
  • Grows in any condition. Low maintenance. Cut back flowering spikes by one half after flowering to promote rebloom. Seedheads can be left on to provide fall interest and to supply winter bird food. Can be divided every 4 years or so in spring or fall. Emerging plants look like grass clumps so be careful in spring when weeding.


Plant 2: Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’

  • Coreopsis spread slowly but surely and can be used in a naturalized planting on a sunny bank or in the traditional border.
  • Prefers a nice sunny, well drained spot. Very easy to grow. Remove the top one-third of plant with hedge shears after flowering to freshen foliage, if needed. Spreads reliably, so division every 2-3 years may be needed to restrain girth, but only if desired.


Plant 3: Sedum 'Firecracker'

  • A reliable, hardy and easy-to-grow perennial. Star-shaped flowers are usually in clusters or sprays that often change color throughout their bloom time.  Firecracker forms a dense, thick mat of succulent foliage that thrives in drought and is tough for weeds to get past.
  • Sedum prefer full sun with average to poor well-drained soil. Can be divided every 2-3 years in spring. Stems pull off easily and will root readily for transplanting. Winter damaged foliage can be cut back in early spring for a flush of new growth.


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