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Friendship Community Group
Board of Directors

Julie Grove


Julie Grove’s professional experience has primarily been with major food companies in sales and supply chain operations, but riding her bike is how she spends her free time and is her absolute favorite thing to do around the city. She advocates for keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe by serving as Treasurer of the Bike PGH Board of Directors. She and her husband, Matt, moved into their home on Roup Avenue in 2000 and have 3 "adultish" children, all of whom grew up in the best neighborhood in the city! Julie and Matt chose Friendship for its walkability and feel the neighborhood has only gotten better over time.


Prior to the existence of Friendship Community Group, Julie was on the board of Friendship Preservation Group for 7 years in the early 2000s and held various leadership positions, including one term as President. During that time, FPG was very focused on public safety, and they worked closely with the Friendship Development Association to transform many of the homes in the neighborhood and buildings along Penn Avenue so that they could become marketable and ultimately sold.


Julie has consistently been a very active community member and has coordinated the volunteers for F4 and the Friendship House Tour over the years. As a near-neighbor of Baum Grove, she is especially interested in ensuring that we continue to have this safe, inclusive, beautiful space for the community to enjoy.

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