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Friendship Community Group
Board of Directors

Danielle Novick


Danielle is pleased to have the opportunity to serve on the FCG Board for a third term, returning after a two-year hiatus. During her first and second terms, she served as the chair/co-chair of the Neighborhood & Environment committee (now the “Baum Grove committee”). In those roles, she helped transfer ownership of the playground at Pittsburgh Montessori to the school and contributed to Baum Grove improvements, including the addition of a shed, hand railings, signage, a Little Free Library, Belgian block, and new gardens. Her Baum Grove team problem-solved trash and loitering issues and filled over 200+ bags with gingko leaves and berries!  Danielle also co-led new community events and initiatives; some successful (the Food Truck Roundup, Pollinator Powerpacks) and others less successful (the Silverware Drive, Weeding Wednesdays). She also proudly contributed to the creation of FCG’s anti-discriminatory statement. 


Danielle loves Friendship; it was love at first sight in 2002, when she originally moved to S. Pacific Ave. as a graduate student and renter. She returned to PA in 2012 and again made Friendship her home. Since 2018, she has been a Friendship homeowner and now lives on the 200 block of S Atlantic Ave. with her partner Jason, their dog Milton, and their/her cat, Little Kitten. Danielle has been steadfast at eliminating grass from her property and finding the best spot to grow tomatoes and, weather permitting, you can find Danielle and Jason enjoying their yard from their porch. Danielle is a psychologist, researcher, and clinical educator at the Pittsburgh Veterans Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh. She is passionate about reducing healthcare inequities and helping individuals improve their health through regular activity, sunlight exposure, and social engagement – something that happens when you become a FCG board member and volunteer!

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