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Friendship Street Ambassadors

making connections one heart, one home, one street at a time!

The mission of the Friendship Street Ambassadors Project is to inspire and create connected relationships of mutual benefit among the neighbors of Friendship and to co-create an increasingly resilient, sustainable and resourceful community. The role of the Street Ambassador is to get to know and connect neighbors on each street or block of Friendship and to encourage neighbors’ engagement with each other and with the neighborhood as a whole.


  • To strengthen the connective tissue of the neighborhood and to encourage neighbors’ engagement with each other and with the neighborhood as a whole

  • To identify resources, needs, concerns, inspirations, and aspirations of neighbors and to respond to these in community-enhancing and strengthening ways

  • To help those who currently feel marginalized or “out of the loop” to feel welcomed, known, and included in the community

  • To create increased opportunities for face-to-face conversations and fun, uplifting activities among neighbors

  • To help neighbors know about community events and opportunities for engagement.

  • To create networks for resource-sharing (i.e. tools, skills, time)

  • To promote and support the value of collective positive visioning to co-create positive, empowering, community-building possibilities and opportunities

  • To engage neighbors in ways that are inclusive, engaging, and fun

  • To encourage neighborhood forums, conversations and/or salons focused on topics related to health. well-being, sustainability, safety, community, energy, creativity......

  • To support individual and household actions that result in direct savings and a reduction in green house gas emissions. If there are specific actions that would require exceptions to local policies and government rules, this could be an opportunity for participants to work together to support policy/legislation changes.

Interested in becoming a Friendship Street Ambassador? Contact Susan Spangler at FRIENDSHIP STREET AMBASSADORS

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