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The 2022 Friendship Flower & Folk Festival 



This is the one and only fundraiser for the upkeep of the community green space at the corners of Roup, Harriet, and South Fairmont Streets.

F4, the Friendship Flower and Folk Festival, plant sale is open for pre-orders only. Plants will be available for pickup from 11 am to 1pm.

Check out the list. We have some new items this year including Pollinator Power Packs and Garden Tour!


Please direct any additional F4 inquiries to Jayne Bower.


The Friendship Pollinator Garden Community and Tour


According to the CDC, community gardening can combat loneliness and build a sense of belonginess.  This year, we are re-defining “community gardening,” and are striving to create a community-wide pollinator garden! 


If you purchase a Pollinator Power Pack, then we’d love for you to send us an email and join our Friendship Pollinator Garden Community.  Even if you don’t purchase a Power Pack, you can join!  Each month, we will ask you to send a digital picture or two of your garden to post to our website.  Every few weeks, we will send you a gardening tip or two.  At the end of September, we will select three gardens to be awarded the title of Pollinator Powerhouse!  You can participate as much or as little as you like.  If you are in the Friendship neighborhood and need someone to photograph your garden, then just email us and we will connect you with a volunteer.


Join our Friendship Pollinator Garden Community


  1. Sign up.  Email us:

  2. Reply to our monthly request for a photo or two.

  3. Receive our biweekly garden message.

  4. Hope (or work) to be designated a Pollinator Powerhouse.

During the past year, we’ve canceled most of our annual community events but were lucky to add a few new, socially distanced and masked events, such as the Porch Music Crawl and Pumpkin Patch at Baum Grove.  This fall, we will add another new event, The Friendship Pollinator Garden Community Tour.  If CDC and local safety guidelines permit, then we will invite anyone from our Pollinator Garden Community to add their garden to a walking tour this fall, ending at our FCG Pollinator Alley on Fredricka Way for friendship, fun, and more!

Pollinator Power Packs

Pollinator Power Packs include three flowering perennial plants that have been selected to help you create a beautiful pollinator garden.  Whether large or small, a pollinator garden brings great benefit, not only to our local foraging pollinators but also to us.  Pollinator gardens supply bees and other beneficial insects with needed pollen and nectar, and by maintaining these gardens, we can reduce our stress levels and boost our mood!


The Pollinator Power Packs eliminate the guesswork of what to plant.  Our preplanned packs of plants will have:

  • Variety of complimentary colors, textures, and heights (bees aren’t color blind!)

  • Native plants (pollinators favor the familiar, and native plants are adapted to our environment - they thrive in our soils and tend to be more disease-resistant)

  • Succession of blooms (pollinators need food during spring, summer, and fall)

  • Sunny needs (pollinators like sunny areas without much wind).


Our Pollinator Power Packs can be the bedrock of your garden, and you can fill in any gaps with your favorite annuals, including herbs.  The Pollinator Powerpacks all have three perennials that, when mature, cover about six square feet.  You can order multiples of any one, two, three, or all Powerpacks to fit your garden size.  Pollinators prefer flowers in clusters so strive for large groupings of the same flower. 

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